Extinct or Shy

Extinct or Shy

A quest to find two of the least known skinks in East Africa.

How to cite: Farooq, H. (2023) Extinct or Shy. http://www.extinctorshy.org. [[Accession date]]

Latest News

The project made it to RDP África. Check it out here!

Want to know which species we found?

Click here to see the 58 species we found in Lumbo!

There are many areas in Africa to sample and scientists are not getting there! Check out this popular science article!

Check it out here!

We are moving our sampling sites northwards! After successfully sampling Lumbo, we will now be sampling in Memba. More soon!

Check out the Extinct or Shy in “Vetenskapsradion” on the Swedish Radio

Link here!

Another article in “The Conversation”

One sentence in a book leads researchers to a species not seen in over 100 years. Link here

We found the Montane skink (Proscelotes aenea)!

Photos here!
News on the Rufford’s website here!

Conservation musty be based on evidence. Here is our scientific article on the absence of Scolecoseps boulengeri from Pemba.

Check it out here!

Snake or Lizard? The team is back in the field with a side project!

Check it out here!

Still no news of the Scolecoseps boulengeri… We want search for it upnorth!

Get involved here!

We kept a pregnant Proscelotes aenea and it gave birth!

Photos here!

Our Project made it to “The Conversation”

Search for elusive skinks is filling gaps in Mozambique’s biodiversity data. Link here

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