Extinct or Shy

Extinct or Shy

A quest to find two of the least known skinks in East Africa.

Latest News

Check out the Extinct or Shy in “Vetenskapsradion” on the Swedish Radio

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Another article in “The Conversation”

One sentence in a book leads researchers to a species not seen in over 100 years. Link here

We found the Montane skink (Proscelotes aenea)!

Photos here!
News on the Rufford’s website here!

Still no news of the Scolecoseps boulengeri… We want search for it upnorth!

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We kept a pregnant Proscelotes aenea and it gave birth!

Photos here!

Our Project made it to “The Conversation”

Search for elusive skinks is filling gaps in Mozambique’s biodiversity data. Link here

The Species

The skinks Scolecoseps boulengeri and Proscelotes aenea are two of the most mysterious skinks in East Africa. They were both collected in two cities of Mozambique (Pemba and Lumbo) in the early 20th century in high numbers with very low sampling effort.

Where We Are

What We Do


We have a permanent trapping system in 5 sites spread-out in Lumbo so we can cover as much habit as possible.


While our traps are catching frogs, lizards and snakes, we also actively search for species by lifting rocks or digging.


Not much is known in terms of biodiversity in Northern Mozambique, so we are building a reference collection of the species we are encountering.

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